Morning Train

There comes the train
From beyond the blue hills comes the train
Huff and puff over rails

Here comes the train
Burning coal of the ages and also the words
Of their sages

Look! It’s the train
It comes huffing and puffing and coughing
And calling, hey man!

See, it’s the train
You just leave back your luggage
You need but your courage, Amen

Who’s gonna cry?
Who’s gonna stay?
Who’s gonna laugh
Going my way?

For the magick train’s a-comin’
Look, it’s drawin’ into the station
All the livin’ children are within
The chosen ones in this Nation

Look, look the sky
It is not the one sky that you knew
Can’t you fathom the way?

Look, see the sky
See the clouds that are blowing
A- glowing, cant’ you hear the sign

Listen! Here’s the sign
As it grows into trumpets
Beasts and strumpets! Come, try

God in the sky
Steering clouds off the atoms
Of dangers and atom, oh my

Look at the evil
Kissing good and both bowing
And sewing their way for the train
Train , Amen…..

Composição: Raul Seixas

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